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About Me

I’m a Visual Arts major at the University of Illinois Springfield, but my home is in Macomb, IL. Still waiting for my nickname, The Midwestern Spitfire, to catch on. As an art major, I’m working to translate my love of arts and crafts into developing skills in the fiber arts. I also work in graphic design, screen printing, photography, and illustration - namely with chalk as my medium. My crafty nature is guiding me towards more hands on art projects, but my vivacity makes me inclined to try out any medium I can get my hands on! I can be a bit stubborn, but I prefer to call it “persistence.” I’m passionate about building strong relationships and communities, and I always greet a stranger as a potential friend. As an artist, I am bold, creative, and confident. As a professional, I’m friendly, animated, and tenacious. And I can knit like nobody’s business.

Logos + Chalk Art + Photos + Current Adventures

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ArtBlock Logo
ArtBlock. Modeled after trending subscription boxes, ArtBlock is an imagined monthly subscription box of art supplies centered around notable art styles. Each box would be themed around either a particular artist’s style like crafty knitting or painting like Frida Kahlo. A wide range of artistic mediums calls for an all-encompassing logo, hence the color wheel. Because ArtBlock would include more relaxed mediums like fiber arts or calligrahpy, the logo’s marker font and flowing ribbon banner represent the freedom to create that ArtBlock promotes.
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Burger Bar Logo
Burger Bar. Burger Bar and Back Door Lounge, located in Springfield Illinois, features a relaxed and laid back atmosphere that may have inspired their sharky secondary logo. Associating a shark with a burger joint was unique, and would help to establish an identifiable brand with this potential logo redesign. Explosive shapes and text with a touch of grit adds an extra “bite” to tie to The Burger Bar.
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Dork Stitch Logo
Dork Stitch. Dork Stitch is a blog run by Allison Bates who not only practices crafts like knitting, crochet, and cross stitch, but also designs cross stitch patterns. Her nerdy obsessions result in patterns for characters ranging from Star Wars to Kingdom Hearts. This logo matches the color scheme of the blog and shows the fun personality that comes across in the blog.

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